Fresh Dubstep, Exclusive Mixes, & More...

Fresh Dubstep, Exclusive Mixes, & More...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Simon Cowell & Will Smith to find "the World's Greatest DJ's" in the launch of their new TV show

Host of The X Factor, Simon Cowell, recently announced that he'll be launching a new TV talent show aimed at finding "the world's greatest DJ's." Music Week reports that DJ's will battle with one another in order to secure fame and fortune.

Cowell says that "DJ's are the new rock stars" and said that the show will capture the rise of "DJ phenomena". The show will be co-produced by Cowell's company, SyCo, and production group, Overbrook, which is owned by actor Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Jada Pinkett Smith said, "This show will comb the world to find a new breed of talent. I am happy to be creating it alongside Simon Cowell."

More details about which UK and US TV networks will broadcast the show are expected to be confirmed shortly.

What are your expectations of this show? Something to take seriously or something to watch for a good laugh? Do you think this will be a good thing to expose the electronic/DJ scene or will it make a mockery of it?

Monday, January 23, 2012

NumberNin6 - Where's The Drop / Atlantic Connection - Set Me Free [OUT NOW!!!]

NumberNin6 - Where's The Drop / Atlantic Connection - Set Me Free [OUT NOW!!!]

More Info:


“Where’s The Drop” by NumberNin6 is a thick cut of reggae-infused music that really pays homage to the dub side of dubstep. While NumberNin6 is known for much heavier music, this track lays bare his advanced production skills and his ability to write in a variety of styles. With skanking guitars, heavily delayed vocals and a foundation-rattling low end, “Where’s The Drop” has a great vibe that should please both the longtime purists and the new listeners alike.

On the flip side, “Set Me Free” by Atlantic Connection sets a more mellow mood with drums and vocal edits that harken back to the sounds of 2 step and UK garage. Perfect for home listening and headphone consumption, “Set Me Free” illustrates why Atlantic Connection has maintained his position as one of the main purveyors of soulful bass music in North America. This song is right at home alongside recent music from artists like Kastle, Om Unit and TMSV.

About The Artists
NumberNin6 has been one of America’s best-known dubstep exports since he first gained attention with his dangerously heavy dancefloor-oriented releases on labels like Z Audio and Migration. In 2010, NumberNin6 signed to Dieselboy’s SubHuman imprint alongside North American bass music artists such as Datsik, Bare and Mark InstinctNumberNin6  is now expanding his horizons into a variety of styles and tempos and Deceast is excited to help these new musical explorations find an audience outside of his existing fanbase.
As a producer, DJ, engineer, publishing company and record label owner, Atlantic Connection is pushing himself to the forefront of electronica with his soulfully-charged brand of bass music. Starting out with a focus on drum & bass, A.C. expanded his musical repertoire far beyond into house, hip-hop, and beyond with the release of his 2008 debut album Tomorrow's Not Enough. 2012 sees Atlantic Connection forging ahead into musical territory that escapes genre classification with his unique blend of soul-drenched samples, crisp breaks and deep bass that covers a wide range of tempos and styles.

About Deceast
Deceast is a record label based in Los Angeles that releases bass music of the highest quality across all genres and tempos. Deceast is owned and operated by Deco, a Los Angeles based DJ and producer and the label is distributed by S.T. Holdings, the premier independent distributor and record label management company catering to all forms of evolutionary electronic music.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Manu Chao - Me Gustas Tu (Dee:See Remix) [DANK 'N' DIRTY DUBZ FREE DOWNLOAD]

Be sure to grab yourself a FREE DOWNLOAD of 'Manu Chao - Me Gustas Tu (Dee:See Remix):

DANK007 - Manu Chao - Me Gustas Tu (Dee:See Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by DANK 'N' DIRTY DUBZ

This is a remix being given out for FREE DOWNLOAD to help promote the EP. Please comment & share this with anyone and everyone! THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!

Based in the UK, Dee:See has been quickly making a mark in the scene having received support from the likes of Distance, Gemmy, NumberNin6, BadKlaat, Bukez Finezt, and many more.

We are proud to announce the release of dee:see's Riddim EP (DANK007), which will be out on Monday, February 20th in all major online stores (Beatport, Juno, iTunes, etc.). The release will feature remixes by ENiGMA DubzAftee, & P-Note.

If you haven't checked out Dee:See's past releases with us, be sure to do so:

Be sure to check to also check out dee:see on facebook:

Animation by Ashleigh's Abstractions.

Artwork by sMILOdon

Mastered by DUBTHUGZ

Friday, January 20, 2012

New mini-mix from DJ Sashwat!!! Available for FREE DOWNLOAD!!! Please comment & share!!!

DJ Sashwat - Mini-Mix 001 by Sashwat ★ Dubstep

01 Antiserum & 12th Planet - Ghost [DUBPLATE] 
02 Habstrakt - Rough (Brown & Gammon Remix) [DUBPLATE] 
03 Nostalgia - Super Funk [DUBPLATE] 
04 The Widdler - Never Want To Lose You [DUBPLATE] 
05 ENiGMA Dubz - Grim [DUBPLATE] 
06 LOST & I.E. - Attack [ONE GUN SALUTE] 
07 ENiGMA Dubz - Snatch [DUBPLATE] 
08 Requake & Badklaat - Bad Guy [DUBPLATE] 
09 Requake & Badklaat - No Escape [DUBPLATE] 
10 Bukez Finezt - Crackhead [DUBPLATE] 
11 Crimps & Cotcha - Bwad Boi [DUBPLATE] 
12 Dee:See - King Kong [DUBPLATE] 
13 Antiserum & Ill-Esha - Gold Rush [DUBPLATE]


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Monday, January 16, 2012

DJ Sashwat - The Smokers Session #3

Enjoy the latest installment from Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz Label boss, DJ Sashwat...



01 Kromestar - Cool Off [DUBSTEPPERS]
02 Lost & Curzed - The Voyage [DUBPLATE]
03 Modestep - Sunlight (LKB Remix) [DUBPLATE]
04 Aftee - Empty Promises [DISQUIET MIND]
05 Laney - Dreaming of You [DUBPLATE]
06 Aftee vs. I&I Productions ft. Marvin Gaye - Feel Good [DUBPLATE]
07 Kromestar - Shake It [DUBSTEP FOR DEEP HEADS]
08 Terrafonix - Baileys in a Mug (Kromestar & Cessman Remix) [DUBPLATE]
09 SubFiltronik & A-List - Tranquil Aura [DUBPLATE]
10 Curzed - History X [DANK 'N' DIRTY DUBZ]
11 Sub Antix - Toil & Trouble (VIP) [DUBPLATE]
12 Requake - Before Breakfast [DUBPLATE]
13 Rameses B - Memoirs (ENiGMA Dubz Remix) [DUBPLATE]
14 >> ENiGMA Dubz - Searching (Tease) [LU10 RECORDS]
15 >> ENiGMA Dubz - Keep It On The Low (Tease) [DUBPLATE]

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Thursday, January 12, 2012



After several years of quality productions, Altimeter is finally calling it quits. But before he leaves us, he has been nice enough to give out his entire collection of tunes for the world to download for FREE. It's been a true honor to have had the opportunity to release some tracks by this badman. If you haven't yet checked his releases with us on DANK001 and DANK006, be sure to do so!!!

Altimeter - People Change
Altimeter & Will Samson - Wilson Dub

Altimeter - Burn

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2 Widdler-Exclusive Mixes (Mixed by DJ Sashwat)

Brand new Widdler-Exclusive mix mixed by DJ Sashwat!!

[DUBSTEP] DJ Sashwat Presents The Widdler (Part 2) [FREE DOWNLOAD @ 100 FAVORITINGS] by Sashwat ★ Dubstep
01 The Widdler - Independence Dub Demo [DUBPLATE]
02 The Widdler - L O S T [DUBPLATE] 
03 The Widdler - Acheri [DUBPLATE] 
04 Dem Franchize Boyz - Lean (The Widdler Remix) [DUBPLATE] 
05 Claire Hux - Bust U in Da i (The Widdler Remix) [DUBPLATE] 
06 The Widdler - Jersey Devil (HD4000 Remix) [W.E. RECORDINGS] 
07 The Widdler - Cosmic Funk [B-SIDES & BOOTLEGS] 
08 The Widdler - Come Home [B-SIDES & BOOTLEGS] 
09 The Widdler - I Don't Need You (HD4000 Remix) [W.E. RECORDINGS] 
10 The Widdler - I Don't Need You [DUBSTEP RECORDS] 
11 Zeno - Clish (The Widdler Remix) [CRAZY-LANGUAGE] 
12 Moza - Shifter (The Widdler Remix) [DUBPLATE] 
13 The Widdler - Go Ask Alice [DUBSTEP RECORDS] 
14 Moza - Nemesis (The Widdler Remix) [DUBSTEP RECORDS] 
15 The Widdler - Flexstar [MAL LABEL] 
16 The Widdler - Blubber [DUBPLATE] 
17 Arcade Fire - Black Mirror (The Widdler Dubmix) [DUBPLATE] 
18 The Widler - Dojo Nights [DUBSTEP RECORDS] 
19 The Widdler - Disconnect [DUBPLATE] 
20 The Widdler - Froggy Style [DUBSTEP RECORDS] 
21 The Widdler - Electric Beach [B-SIDES & BOOTLEGS] 
22 The Widdler - Push Me [B-SIDES & BOOTLEGS] 
23 The Widdler - Z Lying Girls [DUBPLATE] 
24 The Widdler - Sunday (Bootleg) [DUBPLATE] 
25 >> The Widdler - Sensi Samurai (Original Mix) [STUDIO ROCKERS] 
26 The Widdler - Take Me Back [DUBPLATE] 
27 The Widdler - Prehistoric World [B-SIDES & BOOTLEGS] 
28 The Widdler - Ion Drive [DUBSTEPIT] 
29 The Widdler - End Transmission [DUBSTEP RECORDS] 
30 The Widdler - Shaman [DUBSTEP RECORDS] 
31 The Widdler - Lady Dub (VIP) [DUBPLATE] 
32 The Widdler - Alleycat Blues [B-SIDES & BOOTLEGS] 
33 The Widdler - Just Believe [B-SIDES & BOOTLEGS] 
34 The Widdler - Technobabble [DUBPLATE] 
35 The Widdler - Visitors [DUBPLATE] 
36 The Widdler - New Dark Age [DUBPLATE] 
37 The Widdler - 3 Kingz [DUBPLATE] 
38 The Widdler - Step Up [B-SIDES & BOOTLEGS] 
39 The Widdler - Shades [DUBPLATE] 
40 >> The Widdler - Western Eyes (Remix) [DUBPLATE] 
41 >> Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Night (The Widdler Remix) [DUBPLATE] 
42 The Widdler - Rain (Dubstep Mix) [DUBSTEP RECORDS] 
43 Yong & The Widdler - Cloudchaser [DUBPLATE] 
44 Yong - Men of Earth (The Widdler Remix) [ADVERSION RECORDINGS] 
45 The Widdler - Never Want To Lose You [DUBPLATE] 
46 The Widdler - Nightwalker [DUBPLATE] 
47 The Widdler - Origami [DUBPLATE] 
48 The Widdler - Spaceship Earth [DUBSTEP RECORDS] 
49 The Widdler - Final Stage [DUBPLATE] 
50 The Widdler - Outback [DUBPLATE] 
51 The Widdler - Visitors (VIP) [DUBPLATE] 
52 >> The Widdler - Positive Vibes [DUBSTEP RECORDS] 
53 The Widdler - Stand By You [DUBSTEP RECORDS] 
54 Mike Jones - Still Tippin (Widdlers Tip) [B-SIDES & BOOTLEGS] 
55 >> The Widdler - Maud [DUBPLATE] 
56 >> The Widdler - Walkin My Dog [DUBPLATE] 
57 >> The Widdler - It's A Fine Day (Bootleg) [DUBPLATE] 
58 The Widdler - Same Way [DUBPLATE]

Check out my first Widdler-Exclusive mix here:
[DUBSTEP] DJ Sashwat Presents The Widdler (Part 1) [D/L LINKS INSIDE] by Sashwat ★ Dubstep
01 Origin (The Widdler) [Origin - Dubstep Records]
02 Dojo Nights (The Widdler) [Origin - Dubstep Records] 
03 Shaman (The Widdler) [Origin - Dubstep Records] 
04 End Transmission (The Widdler) [Origin - Dubstep Records] 
05 Learn Hope (The Widdler) [Origin - Dubstep Records] 
06 Sunday [Bootleg] (The Widdler) 
07 Everything Is Fine (The Widdler) [Origin - Dubstep Records] 
08 Lady Dub [VIP] (The Widdler) [dub] 
09 Jersey Devil [HD4000 Remix] (The Widdler) 
10 Bust U in Da i [The Widdler Remix] (Claire Hux) 
11 Make it Rain [Bootleg] (The Widdler) 
12 I Don't Need You (The Widdler) [Dubstep Records] 
13 Haitian Relief Dub (The Widdler) [Dubsteppers for Haiti Vol 1. - Betamorph Records] 
14 Go Ask Alice (The Widdler) [Dubstep Records] 
15 Shifter [The Widdler Remix] (Moza) 
16 Froggy Style (The Widdler) [Shift Records] 
17 Nemesis [The Widdler Remix] (Moza) [Dubstep Records] 
18 Ion Drive (The Widdler) [dub] 
19 Nightwalker (The Widdler) [dub]