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Fresh Dubstep, Exclusive Mixes, & More...

Monday, March 4, 2013

[DANK014] Sine Here - Lifted LP

Sine Here - Lifted LP


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UK-based musician, Sine Here, began his music career in 2005 as a Drum & Bass DJ & Producer at the young age of 14. In 2010, he shifted his focus from Drum & Bass to Dubstep and months later his first tunes were signed to Play Me Too Records and Hype Regiment Records. Soon thereafter, Sine Here's productions expanded even further and his music now takes influence from countless different styles and sub-genres. His true versatility shined with the release of his deep autonomic track, 'Underground', which was released on Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz in 2011. Sine Here's wide range of music productions have been featured on BBC Radio 1 and have been supported by the likes of Bassnectar, MRK1, NumberNin6, Liquid Stranger, and many more. We are proud to present to you Sine Here's debut 10-track album, 'Lifted', which is due for release on Monday, February 18th. This collection of gems takes the listener through a seamless journey of unique soundscapes as well as various genres, tempos, and moods. This is a release that will truly stand the infinite test of time.

'Sine Here - Lifted LP'
01 Sine Here - Gathering Dust [3.54]
02 Sine Here - Distant Echoes of A Near Future [5.15]
03 Sine Here - Lifted [3.39]
04 Sine Here - Delirium [4.41]
05 Sine Here - Holding On To The Pieces [3.33]
06 Sine Here - Come Back To Me [2.10]
07 Sine Here - Odyssey [3.32]
08 Sine Here - Deep Blue [3.57]
09 Sine Here - Lost [5.55]
10 Sine Here - Insecure [3.20]

Mastering by James Fereday.

Artwork by RWL Photography.

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