Trentemøller Thursday

I reckon Trentemøller Tuesday would have been a more fitting name for this post, but who wants to wait til Tuesday? I'm in the mood for some Trentemøller right now!

Trentemøller is an experimental electronic producer that focuses on his unique blend of minimal tech, ambient, and, electro and he's been one of my absolute favorite producers ever since I got into EDM. In fact, I recently just released an ENiGMA Dubz Remix of 'Trentemøller - Moan' for FREE DOWNLOAD to help promote the upcoming EP release on Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz.

DANK004 - Trentemøller - Moan (ENiGMA Dubz Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD INSIDE!] by DANK 'N' DIRTY DUBZ
The downloads for this track have maxed out on my personal soundcloud page, but check the track description and you will find an alternative soundcloud link where you can download this track for FREE.

Trentemøller has a huge catalog of amazing songs, but I thought it would be a good idea to make a tracklisting of my 20 favorite tracks of his (yup, that's as much as I could narrow it down). I won't go into much of a description for each track, because, quite frankly, the songs speak for themselves, but whether it is your first time hearing Trentemøller or not, sit back and enjoy these amazing pieces of work (in no particular order)...

Laidback - Beautiful Day (Banzai Republic vs. Trentemøller Mix)

Trentemøller - Liquid Dreams

Filur - You & I (Trentemøller Remix)

Voltand ft. Trentemøller, Buda, & Krede - 25 Timer

Trentemøller - Le Champagne

Trentemøller - Always Something Better (Trentemøller Dub Mix)

Trentemøller - Miss You

Trentemøller - Snowflake (Live Version)

Trentemøller & DJ Tom - An Evening With Bobi Bros

Trentemøller - In Progress

Trentemøller - Nightwalker

Trentemøller - Killer Kat

Trentemøller - Rykketid

Yoshimoto - Du What U Du (Trentemøller Remix)

Röyksopp - What Else Is There? (Trentemøller Remix)

Trentemøller - Beta Boy

Trentemøller - Charge

Fred Everything & 20for7 ft. Vanessa Baker - Friday (Trentemøller Remix)

We hope this post either brought back some great memories or enlightened you about this amazing producer.

Find out more about Trentemøller at the following pages:


  1. The first soundcloud remix was very dope, are these your mixes?

  2. The first soundcloud track is actually a remix by my friend, ENiGMA Dubz, who is a producer based in Birmingham. I am the owner of Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz, the label that released that first track for free. The rest of the tracks (the YouTube videos) are all original productions by Trentemøller.

    You can find more releases from my label here:

    And you can find some of my original work & mixtapes here:

    Thanks for stopping by ;-)

  3. You, couldn't find the comment button. Why not make it like in a special place, or a different color, or something like that. You'd get more than 2 comments. :) haha

  4. Hahaha, thanks a lot for the feedback man. I'm quite new to this... only the first week I've had the blog up and running, so I'm still learning. I'm glad you suggested the change in font, because, quite frankly, I agreed. Hope it's a bit easier to read now. I've also moved the comments to the top of the page. Next time I'll try not to post 20 videos in one post, lol. That was probably part of the problem... couldn't help myself though :P

  5. Cool, will definitely check it out.


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