The subject really says it all. Happy Monday!

The subject really says it all. This selection of chilled out songs should start your Monday off right.

ENiGMA Dubz - Hard To Smile

L-Wiz - Fruit Shop

Kaiori Breathe - She's Lonely

J-One - Spirits Awaken

The Widdler - Cold

Kromestar - Distant Father

Giant - Rain Mind

Breakage - Rain

NumberNin6 vs. William Fitzsimmons - What You've Done

Please share with us what you thought of these tracks and if you'd like us to post more music like this. Also, please take a moment to drop a comment and tell us what your favorite track from this Chillstep series was.


  1. I thought one of these tracks was catastrophically outclassed by the others. I'll let you guess which one that is. Don't hold your breath though, I won't mention it.


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