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The Widdler has always been my favorite dubstep producer in the game. He was the first Dubstep DJ/Producer I ever saw live, alongside Numbernin6 and Roommate (two of my favorites as well) and, needless to say, that was an experience to remember. The Widdler is a true master at what he does. He continuously delivers amazing and highly-original productions each and every time and has an excellent concept of dynamic range, which is something that is tough to find in the production world today. Let's get right to the music, shall we?

Here is my latest Widdler-Exclusive mix, which I just uploaded today. This is the 3rd YouTube Mini-Mix I've done containing exclusively tracks by The Widdler.

DJ Sashwat mixing tunes by The Widdler (Part 3)
01 Hellfire Machina - Buddhafist Style (The Widdler Remix) [DUBPLATE]
02 >> Trentemøller - Moan [Radio Slave's Acapella Breakdown] (The Widdler Remix) [DUBPLATE]
03 The Widdler - Origami [DUBPLATE]
04 The Widdler - Nightwalker [DUBPLATE]
05 The Widdler - Newboss [DUBPLATE]
06 The Widdler - New Dark Age [DUBPLATE]
07 The Widdler - L O S T [DUBPLATE]
08 The Widdler - Spaceship Earth [DUBSTEP RECORDS]
09 The Widdler - Maud [DUBPLATE]
10 Dem Franchize Boyz - Lean (The Widdler Remix) [DUBPLATE]
11 The Widdler - Z Lying Girls [DUBPLATE]
12 The Widdler - Flexstar [MAL LABEL]
13 The Widdler - Flexstar (Bukkha Remix) [MAL LABEL]
14 The Widdler - Blubber [DUBPLATE]
15 The Widdler - Ion Drive [DUBSTEPIT]

Here are two more Widdler-Exclusive Mini-Mixes I've done in the past, which inspired this third one you just listened to...

DJ Sashwat mixing tunes by The Widdler (Part 2)
01 The Widdler - Independence Dub Demo [DUB]
02 The Widdler - Lost In Space II [DUB]
03 The Widdler - Acheri [DUB]
04 Zeno - Clish (The Widdler Remix) [CRAZY LANGUAGE]
05 The Widdler - Lady Dub (VIP) [DUB]
06 The Widdler - Slim Thugga [DUB]
07 The Widdler - 3 Kingz (Bootleg) [DUB]
08 The Widdler - Alias [DUBSTEP RECORDS]
09 The Widdler - Visitors (VIP) [DUB]
10 The Widdler - Nightwalker [DUB]
11 Hellfire Machina - Buddhafist Style (The Widdler Remix) [DUB]
12 Unknown Artist - Just Want (The Widdler Remix) [DUB]
13 Trentemøller - Moan (Radio Slave's Acapella Breakdown) (The Widdler Remix) [DUB]

DJ Sashwat mixing tunes by The Widdler (Part 1)
01 The Widdler - Disconnect
02 The Widdler - Go Ask Alice
03 The Widdler - Froggy Style
04 The Widdler - Fire

Finally, being the Widdler-fiend that I am, I'd also like to share with you a couple Widdler-Only mixes by myself and the co-owner of Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz sub label, Room For Growth, my boy Pheno. Hope you like these and feel free to grab yourself a Free Download of these mixes if your heart desires:

I'll start with Pheno's Widdler-Exclusive Mix, because it's more recent and contains newer dubplates. This mix was featured on my Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz Radio Show on DI.FM's Dubstep Channel last month, for a very special 20th Episode. Download is available on the soundcloud page!!

PhenoDank 'N' Dirty Dubz (Volume 20)
Pheno - All Widdler by PhenoDub
01 The Widdler - Just Believe
02 The Widdler - December
03 The Widdler - Empty
04 The Widdler - Hatian Relief Fund
05 The Widdler - Strong Dub
06 The Widdler - Tibet
07 The Widdler - Black Mirror (Widdler DubMix)
08 The Widdler - Origami
09 The Widdler - Push Me
10 The Widdler - Pilots (Mr. Bounce)
11 The Widdler - Shiftin
12 The Widdler - Maud
13 The Widdler - Acheri
14 The Widdler - The Irie Forest
15 The Widdler - Crossover
16 The Widdler - Lowbot
17 The Widdler - Spaceship Earth
18 The Widdler - Repel
19 The Widdler - Lost In Space
20 The Widdler - Bluents
21 The Widdler - New Dark Age
22 The Widdler - Cloudchaser
23 The Widdler - Hiding
24 The Widdler - Come Home
25 The Widdler - Paralyzed From The DeskTop
26 The Widdler - Two
27 The Widdler - Untitled
28 The Widdler - Untitled
29 The Widdler - Visitors VIP
30 The Widdler - Sound The Horn
31 The Widdler - Untitled

Here's a bit of an older Widdler-Exclusive mix I put together awhile back to help promote Widdler's Origin Album when it came out. It also contains some other tracks by The Widdler, which were my favorites at the time. There is an alternative download link in the soundcloud mix description if you are interested in downloading the mix:

DJ Sashwat Presents The Widdler

[DUBSTEP] Sashwat Singh Presents The Widdler (DI.FM Dubstep Channel) [D/L LINKS INSIDE] by Sashwat ★ Dubstep
01 Origin (The Widdler) [Origin - Dubstep Records]
02 Dojo Nights (The Widdler) [Origin - Dubstep Records]
03 Shaman (The Widdler) [Origin - Dubstep Records]
04 End Transmission (The Widdler) [Origin - Dubstep Records]
05 Learn Hope (The Widdler) [Origin - Dubstep Records]
06 Sunday [Bootleg] (The Widdler)
07 Everything Is Fine (The Widdler) [Origin - Dubstep Records]
08 Lady Dub [VIP] (The Widdler) [dub]
09 Jersey Devil [HD4000 Remix] (The Widdler)
10 Bust U in Da i [The Widdler Remix] (Claire Hux)
11 Make it Rain [Bootleg] (The Widdler)
12 I Don't Need You (The Widdler) [Dubstep Records]
13 Haitian Relief Dub (The Widdler) [Dubsteppers for Haiti Vol 1. - Betamorph Records]
14 Go Ask Alice (The Widdler) [Dubstep Records]
15 Shifter [The Widdler Remix] (Moza)
16 Froggy Style (The Widdler) [Shift Records]
17 Nemesis [The Widdler Remix] (Moza) [Dubstep Records]
18 Ion Drive (The Widdler) [dub]
19 Nightwalker (The Widdler) [dub]
You can find myself & Pheno and our labels on Facebook & Soundcloud if you liked what you heard:

DJ Sashwat


Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz

Room For Growth



  1. DJ Sashwat mixing tunes by The Widdler (Part 3) is definitely a Dank & Dirty Dub, this is one of my new favorites without a doubt.

  2. sounds awesome:) Great songs(A)!


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