Skrillex Nominated for 5 Grammy Awards!!

It was just announced that Skrillex was nominated for 5 Grammy Awards in 2012. Making electronic music for only a short time, this former emo punk-rocker has been steadily making a huge mark in the EDM scene. The man has been receiving extreme amounts of love and hate from the genre he is most commonly associated with -- Dubstep. Skrillex recently collaborated with KoRn for their forthcoming album, The Path of Totality, on Roadrunner Records, which features collaborations with some other gigantic names in EDM as well: Excision, Feed Me, 12th Planet, Noisia, Downlink, and Kill the Noise.

KoRn has received a lot of hate by many purists in the dubstep scene for their recent claim stating, "We were dubstep before there was dubstep." Obviously, KoRn has some research to do on genres and sub-genres, because their past work is nothing comparable to dubstep. Facebook was flooded with the topic of KoRn claiming to have invented dubstep for the past day -- the topic was brought up constantly, by the minute. With Skrillex's Grammy nomination, a new wave of love (and hate) is sure to emerge. One thing we've noticed is that if you bring up the word Skrillex in any conversation, you better be in it for the long haul, because the controversy is only just beginning.

What are your thoughts on Skrillex's Grammy Nomination? Is it a good step up for EDM?


  1. It's an evolution of a genre, either you like it or you don't. In most cases that usually means that you either listen to it or you don't, but for some reason even people who don't like him watch his youtube clips just to say they don't like it. Kind of like when your friend says "oh yuck, this burger tastes like shit, do you want it", then you say "Yeah I'll eat that", which suggests that you love the taste of shit. The point, if you don't like the taste of something, then don't eat it :)


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